Biofeedback – “Emotional Healing”

"In addition to merely chiropractic, we have other therapies, therapies that I pulled together that is like a formula. When I look back on the experiences I've had with each…

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PEMF – “Physical Healing” Accelerator

"To complement chiropractic, I brought in an instrument called PEMF "Pulsed Electromagnetic Field". This instrument is a magnetic wave that once it pulses, it's delivering a magnetic way that travels…

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Chiropractic Care – “Physical Healing”

"Physically, we're going to be dealing with chiropractic. Remember, there's a brain cell tissue cell relationship. Every microscopic nerve of which is a trillion strong comes out of the bony…

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The 3 Pillars Of Health

"When starting here with anyone, no matter where they jump in, whatever their symptoms are, it's really a system of balance. And we have to look at different pillars of…

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