Chiropractic Care – “Physical Healing”

“Physically, we’re going to be dealing with chiropractic. Remember, there’s a brain cell tissue cell relationship. Every microscopic nerve of which is a trillion strong comes out of the bony protection called your spine, and it goes out to absolutely every cell. And then once it reaches this microscopic cell, has another cell that goes back to that brain and that tells that brain what your cells are doing. Well, when this bony protection called your spinal column is out of position, not only would it not articulate or move well, but it would also create swelling and pressure on nerves, 94 percent of which have nothing to do with pain.

They’re actually running absolutely all cells of all tissues of all systems. So in a nutshell, when I adjust a patient, I am freeing up the nerves, mostly of which you cannot feel. And what it’s doing is, is freeing up the communication from the brain to all your cells, even the organs, not just pain fibres. Remember, that’s only six percent of a trillion nerves and they’re mostly on your spacesuit on the outside, but on the inside, it’s the same nerves that are running absolutely every system, adapting them to absolutely every stimulus you have.

So remember, chiropractic is really not about pain. That would be an expensive painkiller. It’s really about how well this brain runs your complete body.”

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