FormulaiQ – “Chemical Healing” Through Natural, Organic, Plant-Based Supplements

“Next, we look at the nutritional system. My wife and I and our business partner and CEO Mike Casey have developed a company called FIQ or “FormulaiQ”. This company makes plant based, organic food based products that are sourced from America, India and rainforest.

What this system allows us to do is take high concentration parts of the plant in its ratios for the highest impact of the intent of the supplement itself. These are organic and they’re of the highest quality in food product.

So what I’m able to do with the greatest confidence, because we actually manufacture these products, is deliver to you some of the highest quality of nutrition that I give my own family.

So we have the completion of my life’s work in twenty five years to pull together the physical, the emotional and the chemical as a formula to help you not only in the expression, in the experience, but even more so the education and understanding of your personal biology that you do not fear categories and sets of symptoms, that you understand that the perfect software is constantly adapting you to new stimuli and durations of stimuli.

So look at your body as a system of perfection, living optimally healthy for the next 20 years.

This is what our capacities are given the right support, which is what my goal is for you.”