PEMF – “Physical Healing” Accelerator

“To complement chiropractic, I brought in an instrument called PEMF “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field”. This instrument is a magnetic wave that once it pulses, it’s delivering a magnetic way that travels through its not like electrical muscle stimulation, where this current travels between two points. Whenever we can deliver a magnetic wave through you, we’re delivering it through direct current. Now remember, you’re made of a system that uses exponential force to do its functions. So imagine just moving a lever like a bone or the muscles that drive it.

So an exponential combination like this of hydraulics and levers would need an exponential fuel source. So if I were to deliver a direct current directly to your cells with this instrument, then your cells would be capable of doing much more work and much more effectively. So we’ve added “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field” to the care not only for elimination of some symptoms, but more importantly, to accelerate the rate and quality of which that tissue can adapt to the adjustments and improving your overall health.”

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