Multi Frequency Segmental Body Composition 3D Analyzer

Multiscan is an innovative measurement and analysis health system. This system provides added value in terms of prevention, counseling, and health care.

The system works based on functional, physiological data measured in a few minutes. The information obtained is processed by software to provide a quick overview about the status of health and cohesion of any possible complaints. The innovative system is used by approved health care professionals such as nutritionists, orthomolecular, osteopaths, physiotherapists, (sports) doctors, (mental) coaches, etc.

The analysis provides an overview of lifestyles areas such as nutrition and supplementation, diabetes, pH and electrolytes, organ functionality, mental and hormonal charts, and sports and exercise.

This system also displays information in certain modules on the cardiovascular level, the autonomic nervous system, etc.

Results are displayed on a screen and are easily interpretable for both the patient and the practitioner in an effort to simplify the path to optimal health.

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