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Specializing in State-of-the-Art Health Solutions for Optimal Health

Mt. Pleasant Chiropractors and Wellness specialists MyChiroiQ pair the latest chiropractic technologies with the best health solutions and therapies available today to help you live your best life now that also promotes your healthiest, long-lasting wellness for the future. From advanced energetic scans and laser sculpting to chiropractic back relief, we have the tools and expertise that will immediately change your life for the better and every day that follows!

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Obsessed With Alternative Health & Wellness

Dr. Jesse Ross, founder and practitioner at MyChiroiQ, started his passionate journey into wellness and Chiropractic care after his father’s stunning experience with a Chiropractor. His father, diagnosed with a serious heart condition, was told by his traditional doctor he had only 2 months to live and he should start planning for this fact. Still full of optimism and hope he stumbled into a Chiropractors office that changed his life forever. Dr. Ross’s father lived another 20 years!

The Smart Foundation:
Chiropractic and Wellness

The combination that saves and extends lives …

Mt. Pleasant Chiropractic specialists MyChiroiQ do not just focus on relieving pain. Ongoing spinal adjustments and consistent monitoring are essential to building the foundation necessary for optimal health and pain free living. We work directly with you and guide you to the smartest path to wellness we can by combining consistent chiropractic care with the latest bio-balancing technologies and scans for life changing results. We build a health plan that is uniquely yours, and then we equip you with the blueprint and guidance that will change your life forever!