The Smart Path to Wellness

Innovative Health Solutions for Optimal Health

Chiro iQ pairs the latest chiropractic technologies with the best modalities and therapies to help you live your best life now and promote long-lasting wellness at the same time. From advanced energetic scans and laser sculpting to chiropractic back relief, we have the tools and expertise ready to optimize your health.

Advocates for your health

Dr. Jesse Ross, founder and practitioner at Chiro iQ, and his team of wellness advocates work alongside you to transform your life and help you realize your full potential day after day. By specializing in a blend of treatment and education, we help you achieve short-term relief and develop healthy habits that last you a lifetime.

The Smart Foundation: Chiropractic Care

More Than Just Back Pain Relief

Chiropractic care isn’t just for relieving pain. Spinal adjustments and consistent monitoring are essential to building the foundation necessary for optimal health, and we help patients take the smart path to wellness every day by combining the health benefits of consistent chiropractic care with the latest bio-balancing technologies and scans. We build a health plan that is uniquely yours, and then we equip you with the tools and structure to see it through.